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    @Holmesy85 said:

    I’ve been wondering about the nightlife in Perth. I’m not much of a drinker but still would like a couple of big nights out. Also, I’d like to know if there are any comedy clubs worth checking out. I’m always up for a good laugh! Thanks

    well most people here i bet will say "perth" and "nightlife" don't go together, but in my opinion that is only true if you are trying to compare it to the boom-boom dance clubs in Sydney, melbourne, etc.

    there are plenty of good little bars that have opened up in recent years in the CBD, and pubs on the beach are great in warmer months especially. When are you planning to visit?

    as far as nightclubs and stuff go, you can probably check out Northbridge as there are a few clubs there although you also get there associated drunks and stuff that go with it.

    as for comedy clubs, the charles hotel does some fairly frequent comedy nights, or you could go to the crown theatre if someone funny is performing I guess?

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    Hi guys,

    We will be visiting Adelaide soon but only have 4 days to spend, we will be doing the Barossa Valley for sure but looking to fill another day or two, would really like to do Kangaroo Island. Is it possible to visit Kangaroo Island in one day? A friend I have asked said you need to stay overnight to do it properly but I was looking at prices of overnight stay and it looks prohibitively expensive!

    Can we fit KI into our itinerary and still have a good time do you think? Thank You

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