• Liv_77

    You only really need about 3 days in the Whitsundays in my opinion

    Stay in airlie do a day trip out to white Haven beach, do the reef if you want (although Cairns and port D are better), avoid staying on hamilton or daydream if you want to save $$ on food etc.

    can overnight on hammo if you want to splash out, do some shopping and snorkel off the beach, oh and see the live music!

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  • Liv_77

    @TheRealDamo said:

    Hello fellow Sydneysiders,

    Just wondering what are some of your fav. Syd CBD restaurants/eateries that are not terrible or overly junky, preferably around Surry Hills etc. if possible. Getting a bit stale on my regular haunts (Lucky Pickle, Old Mate usually) and keen to discover a new cafe or tree as well as other good spots for lunch.

    Have a 1hr lunch break so want to make the most of it with a bit of variety. Any good cheap CBD places in the area or personal favourites? cheers :)

    hey @TheRealDamo we must not be far away :)

    have you tried Suzie Q? they do good, healthy and cheap sambos and great coffee for takeaway, my go-to when in a rush.

    Sushi Suma on cleveland street is also great value if you like sushi, they give good serves for the price and obv. very quick as well

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  • Liv_77

    @CaptainDreamboat said:

    hi, we are trying to choose a cruise to do on Sydney harbour (want to treat the wife) but there are a bunch of different ones to choose from and they all sound basically the same with a few minor differences (and different prices?)

    from the list you have here - http://www.experienceoz.com.au/sydney/harbour-cruises/ is there honestly any big difference between the cheaper ones? Would like to do either dinner or lunch (dinner show one also a possibility) but for example you have a buffet lunch here - http://www.experienceoz.com.au/sydney/harbour-cruises/sydney-harbour-dining-cruises and this one - http://www.experienceoz.com.au/sydney/harbour-cruises/deluxe-sydney-harbour-lunch-cruise/sightseeing-and-lunch-cruise

    the price is only a small difference, so it doesn't really matter to me. Does anyone have experience with the cruise companies of these (looks like magistic and capt. cook)? Is it just the vessel size that makes the difference etc.?


    honestly after taking family on a few of these over the years the different isnt very major, most of them are pretty similar as it's very competitive and they all depart from basically the same area anyway

    just keep an eye out for whatever is on sale and go with that IMO as they all copy one another ;)

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  • Liv_77

    We have some scheduled leave coming up and I was considering travelling to Canberra in the next month or so as we have never been (which would make it start of June)

    We are history buffs so we know while there are not a lot of "fun" tourist attractions we are happy to just take our time and look around, see the War Memorial and parliament houses and maybe visit some wineries (does canberra have good wineries, lol :) )

    Is winter too cold to enjoy in Canberra and does it rain very much? I don't mind cold weather but my bf hates it and rain obviously ruins a holiday most of the time . and what should wwe wear for clothes or expect to wear?

    Should we go in winter or maybe wait to the future to go to Canberra? thx :D

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  • Liv_77

    Hello, we are visiting Cairns in 2 weeks and still not sure which reef company to choose as there are lots and they all seem to offer the same thing :(

    We are late 20's, my boyfriend is a strong swimmer but I am not so great, I would like to snorkel but not too keen on diving and so safety is a big concern for me

    We have seen there are Quicksilver Cruises, Sunlover, Reef Magic, Downunder Cruise and Dive and several others.... what is the difference between some of them? Most of the prices don't seem much different and I don't mind if we have a big and more crowded boat as long as it has decent amenities and I feel safe while seeing the fishies


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