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    Hi @Michael47,

    This is a great question! All the theme parks are absolutely fantastic!

    Dreamworld is very versatile, it has extreme rides, animal encounters, neighbouring White Water World, great shows and also plenty of areas and rides for younger children. Movie World doesn't have any animal experiences, however has an awesome array of rides ranging for all ages. This park also has the added perk of all the favourite characters including Bugs Bunny, Batman and Tweety Bird! Sea World has an amazing range of marine animal encounters, shows, plus rides to keep the younger audiences happy. Finally, Wet 'n' Wild has everything water you could ever imagine - slides, rides, wave pools... endless possibilities!

    My suggestion for you going off the information you've supplied would be Dreamworld simply because it covers both of your children interests - animals and adventure! They have a range of rides for all adrenalin levels, great animal and character shows, plus access to White Water World included in the one price! We have deals on their tickets that you should definitely check out - just click the link below!
    Dreamworld and White Water World tickets.

    Alternatively, if any of the other parks sparked your interest more, we also have tickets for those at fantastic prices! Just follow the link below!
    Experience Oz Theme Park Tickets.

    Whether you go with this advice or choose you're own, you won't be disappointed in whatever you pick!

    Kenzi :blush:

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    Great advice @Rugger,

    Eumundi Markets is a definite must do!

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    Hi @Lisa,

    Great question! As Australia is made up of several different states, the laws change as you go between each. My recommendation would be to obtain an "International Driving Permit" or "IDP"(this is the universal term for what you are thinking of, not an International Drivers Licence :grinning:). For the small price it will cost you, it could potentially save you a lot of money should you visit a state that requires one and you get caught without it! A little research showed that an IDP in America is roughly $15-$20, so a very minor cost! It also MUST be obtained in the country you reside in!

    Most of the time you will be fine to use your drivers licence from your country to get around in Australia, however should it be printed in a language other than english you will be required to have documentation showing your licence in english therefore you definitely need to apply for an IDP. Most importantly, when driving in Australia you MUST ensure you are only driving cars that match the class you are capable of driving on your licence. For example, if you have a licence that only enables you to legally drive an automatic car, you must abide by this in Australia also or you will get big fines $$$$!

    For the distance you are travelling, it's better to be safe than sorry right?

    Hope this helps you out a little bit! You will love Australia! Let us know how it goes once you've visited! :smile:

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    Hi @Chloe33 and welcome to the community!

    Melbourne is a great shopping destination. It is also home to many of the big International labels that haven't quite made it throughout all of Australia yet (meaning you can be one up on all your friends back home ;))!

    Melbourne has lots of quirky brands, plenty of great markets offering fashion at a fantastic price, and a number of extravagant shopping complexes!

    If you're after a more high end experience, complete with big brand names, try heading to Bourke Street Mall or Collins Place - these two are masterpieces in themselves. Here you'll find every shop you could possibly need! Melbourne Central is also fantastic if you're after somewhere that has it all!

    For something a little more unique, try Chapel Street. Here you'll be overwhelmed by eclectic pieces perfect for finding a charming one off!

    If you're after markets try Queen Victoria Markets - here you'll find everything from clothing, right through to food!

    Hope this helps you out! :purse: :handbag: :high_heel:

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    Hi @Ash007,

    Darwin is definitely worth it!!!! Have you checked out our travel guide on Darwin? This will definitely help answer a few of your questions. Covering the best places to see, the best time to visit and much, much more, this guide will be your best friend!! You can find it here: https://news.experienceoz.com.au/darwin-travel-guide/

    Darwin is such a diverse place. Located alongside both hinterland and coastline, you'll be spoilt for choice! Our suggestions for the must see places are to definitely check out the beautiful nature Darwin is celebrated for. There are a number of national parks that are waiting to be explored, and beaches also. There are also a great number of zoo's, walking tracks and markets to keep you entertained! If you're after tours, we offer some great ones that can be viewed here: https://www.experienceoz.com.au/darwin

    In terms of how long you need to visit Darwin, I would suggest no more than a week. Obviously it will depend on how much you want to do and see, and also if you want a slow or fast paced holiday, but 7 days will be more than enough to take in Darwin - and fall in love with it!

    Hope this helps, if you require any more assistance then just ask! :)

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    Hi @Stan,

    Cairns can be as expensive or as affordable as you like! There are many hotels that cater for all types of budgets! Don't be deterred from visiting this beautiful area because of what you have heard. Likewise, restaurants and shops are also reasonably priced! Cairns is a favourite for backpackers because of it's charm so be sure that there are options for all budget types!

    If you're after some things to do whilst you're here check out our tours available in Cairns: https://www.experienceoz.com.au/cairns.
    Likewise, if you're after a guide that covers EVERYTHING, check out of Cairns guide here:https://news.experienceoz.com.au/cairns-travel-guide/

    Our suggestions for an affordable holiday are to take advantage of the beautiful nature that Cairns is engulfed with - after all I'm certain it's the photos of the stunning islands and waterways that drew you to this part of Australia in the first place! Relax on one of the white sanded beaches or snorkel in the turquoise seas. There is plenty to do that is not only amazing but CHEAP!

    If you require any further assistance, don't hesitate to ask! :)

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    Hi @James89,

    Let me start by saying you won't be disappointed with Adelaide!

    The most popular regions that you'll be most familiar with are Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale. These are easily the most talked about wine regions in South Australia. I'd definitely recommend a visit to either of these regions if you're after a very authentic winery tour. Both the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale have a handful of great wineries for you to check out! McLaren Vale is located closer to Adelaide, however both are only a small drive away - McLaren Vale is an hour max dependent on traffic, likewise, Barossa Valley is max an hour and a half dependent on traffic! McLaren Vale is closer to the coastline so you will have fabulous views of the sea, where as Barossa Valley is more inland in comparison! Being the more well known region, Barossa Valley is home to a number of larger named wineries, for example Jacob's Creek and Wolf Blass, compared to McLaren Vale which hosts lesser known wineries (But still just as fabulous). Whichever you choose, I am certain you won't be disappointed as both areas are visually stunning, and the wine isn't too bad either!! :smirk: :wine_glass:

    If you're after some tours, then we have a great variety for you to try! Check out our tours offering the basic right through to extravagant tours including hot air ballooning! You can look here: https://www.experienceoz.com.au/adelaide

    Hope this helps you a little, enjoy the trip! Make sure you have a glass for me! :grin:

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    Hi @HumphryBear,

    Have you seen our latest guide on the Kimberley's? Here we tell you our must see and do things to make your trip absolutely perfect and lots lots more! Maybe you should check it out for a guide: https://news.experienceoz.com.au/broome-top-destinations/

    Otherwise you can't go wrong with a visit to one of the many stunning national parks! Here you'll get the chance to see the true beauty of mother nature and this wonderful part of Australia!

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    Have you all seen?? Broome and Kimberley Region were voted as Australia's favourite destination to experience in our most recent poll!

    @HumphryBear and @Derek, this might help both of you in finding those must see places!!

    Check out why it took out the top spot here: https://news.experienceoz.com.au/broome-top-destinations/

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    @Mel, Hobart is great! It mixes modern and history to make one really charming city! Hobart is home to some really fantastic restaurants and bars, art galleries and scenic destinations. It's a beautiful, relaxed, coastal city that you truly don't want to miss the opportunity to explore!

    There is lots to do in Hobart! Visit Mount Wellington, and if you're feeling adventurous why not give it a climb! Explore one of Hobart's National Parks or perhaps take a wander through one of the stunning art galleries or museums.

    To make it even easier for you, why not check out our guide to the 10 must do things in Hobart! In here you'll find places to horse ride, explore and so much more!

    Don't be turned away from this gorgeous seaside place because of mixed reviews, we're certain you'll fall in love with Hobart!

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