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    I’ve never been to this part of the NSW central coast before; thinking of making the trip up from Sydney over a long weekend. I’d love some feedback as to what to do there. What do you feel are some things every tourist should experience while there? If we go in August will it be crowded - i think this avoids holiday peak time correct?


    We visited there mid last year (May I believe?) for the first time, really really loved it. Lovely place that has a "slower" lifestyle than many other more touristy travel spots in Australia. Port Stephens' people also were notably nicer than those we encountered further north - we are from Tassie and they reminded us more of locals back home.

    We stayed at Fingal Bay (wonderful area and beach), and in terms of things we did we spent time at the sand dunes of course (interesting and fun to embrace your inner kid haha) and we took the kids to Oakvale Farm where they could get up close with the animals. The website is http://www.oakvalefarm.com.au/ if you are interested, it is very hands-on so if your kids like animals its very much an essential visit. :)

    August might be a bit chilly at night but still nice during the day - maybe a local could answer better?

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    Hello, we are having trouble picking a theme park between Movie World, Dream World and Sea World to bring our son. The prices are much the same and we won't have time to visit multiple parks (just 4 day stay and dont want to spend entire time standing in queues on our Gold Coast trip!)

    He likes some rides but is not a very "adrenaline junkie" type boy, and I would like to be able go with him on the rides instead of being a bag holder haha

    Which theme park gives us the best value for him? we don't want him to miss out on too many rides due to height restrictions, and want to see some shows too

    Thank you for help, Jan

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