• HumphryBear

    I’ve never been scuba diving before. What do I need to do in order to do it? Do I have to get licensed or take a class?

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  • HumphryBear

    I’ve never been to this part of the NSW central coast before; thinking of making the trip up from Sydney over a long weekend. I’d love some feedback as to what to do there. What do you feel are some things every tourist should experience while there? If we go in August will it be crowded - i think this avoids holiday peak time correct?


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  • HumphryBear

    Absolutely. While adelaide is technically "nothing special", there are few places on this planet that aren’t worth seeing at least once so you might as well go. ExOz Admin gives some good pointers; also can just drive around Glenelg and the Adelaide Hills and find plenty to keep you interested!

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  • HumphryBear

    Hi, currently what are some of the must visit restaurants on the Gold Coast? I’m not all that picky when it comes to food but I would like to go to "where the locals eat" as I’m not much into touristy restaurants that end up being a ripoff.

    have Googled and looked at tripadvisor but some of the recommendations seem either biased or out of date, some of them even seem to have closed and many websites don't seem recent

    any up to date opinions on the best spots to eat on the Gold Coast (preferably current for 2015)?? Northern end of coast is ideal.

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  • HumphryBear

    I’ve never been here before. What are the places that I should without a doubt go? The places that no one should ever miss. Those are the ones that I’m looking for.

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