• Devilangel

    Hello everybody :)

    My name is Katarina from Melbourne, hope you all are well! I am currently studying at university and I love travelling and my 2 dogs Sasha and Champ (both black labradors)

    I have been to most states of Australia and recently just got back from Exmouth in western Australia where i did a swim with the whale sharks and IT WAS AMAZING!! I highly recommend anyone to do it, I have loved the water and marine animals all my life (I am currently studying biology). WA is a beautiful state and I think underrated for travel even though the flight is looonnngg it's worth it

    In the future I plan to travel to Tassie (have not yet been) and ofcourse overseas... i have only been to Italy and France so far, but i really want to go to Spain and Portugal as i have distant family over there

    If any1 has questions about Melbourne travel feel free to chat or PM me, thanks!!

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