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    @collycolly said in Rock Climbing in Brisbane (night rock climbing):

    Hi There

    im looking at different options for our xmas event this year. i have a team from 15-65 years of age and was wondering about abseiling at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane?

    we can only do this after trade hours from around 7pm on a friday or saturday night, is it possible to cater for things like this? There would be around 30-35 of us

    Thanks :)

    Hi @collycolly thanks for getting in touch :)

    Unfortunately Riverlife (who run the rock climbing) only run the rock climbs from 5-7pm on Friday and Saturday nights. I believe this is due to visibility issues and not being able to do the climbing under darkness for safety reasons.

    Feel free to have a browse of the rest of our Brisbane experiences for an alternative perhaps? https://www.experienceoz.com.au/en/brisbane

    If there's anything else we can help you with however please let me know!

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    @MakiStarr said in Cradle Coast tour:


    My name is Motoko in Sydney. My friend from Japan and me will arrive in Hobart on 13 May. To whom it may concern - We want to visit Cradle mountain on 14 May.

    I am thinking now in Launceston or Devonport. Is it possible for us to organize a day tour? I have no booking of the hotel yet. Can the tour pick us up both? We have to return to Hobart on 14 evening or 15 morning.

    Please advice to me.

    Best regards Motoko

    Hi @MakiStarr, thanks for getting in touch!

    Of course we can help you arrange your tour for Cradle Mountain, but did you know we also offer Japanese language support? If you prefer, you can ask on the Japanese forum here:


    or email us on japan@experienceoz.com.au :)

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    @Sarah-Jane said in New Zealand Itinerary?:


    My partner and I are looking to go on a trip around the North and South Island for around 3-4 weeks. Just wondering what must-see attractions we should include in our trip. We're thinking of flying into Auckland, travelling north to Rotorua, Bay of Islands, down to Coromandel in the east and then down to Wellington (maybe with a stop at Martinborough) - that's about it for the north island.

    The south island will see us take the ferry and travel down the west coast to Fiordland and Queenstown then around to Dunedin and the Catlins region. We are going to hire a car and make our own way around but are also wanting to 'see' rather than 'do'. So any tips for great sightseeing opportunities rather than expensive activities would be great!


    Hi @Sarah-Jane ,

    3-4 weeks is a pretty robust amount of time as @Thyagi mentioned, sounds like you have a great adventure planned!

    Can you let us know some idea of what kind of attractions you are interested in, as New Zealand has a LOT of amazing natural sights, particularly if you are willing to go off the beaten track.

    Personally the Taranaki region is special to my heart as both the mountain and the coastal scenery there is quite pretty... the new walkway they constructed in New Plymouth is a great coastal stroll, people there are very friendly, and there's a lovely park with a gorgeous Chinese section that makes for excellent photography.

    Will you be taking a cruise on one of the sounds in Fiordland? That's an absolute must-do for sure!

    If you can provide us with some more info would be appreciated, thanks :)

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    @mandymak12 said:

    Hi guys :)

    for your dolphin discovery cruise including transfers from Brisbane - For people who does not know how to swim, can they still go snorkelling? Or do we have to just stay on the boat?


    Hi @mandymak12 and welcome to the Community!

    Thank you for your enquiry about the dolphin cruise - In answer to your question, yes they can go snorkelling still as the Tour Operator provides many flotation devices and there will also be 3 experienced guides in the water with you for some extra peace of mind :)

    I hope this is helpful - please contact us if you have any further questions.

    Enjoy your day in the water!

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