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    @Geezer said:

    Simple question: if you could live anywhere in Australia if you didn't have to worry about money, where would you choose and why?

    We are looking to escape from the outskirts of Sydney as we approach retirement age and have been looking at several options. I am particularly partial to the central coast as we've loved our time we've spent there holidaying in recent years, specifically the Port Stephens and Nelson Bay areas. People have been very friendly and the weather is lovely, big enough for good dining and things to do but not crowded or busy like Sydney has become even in the suburbs!

    For those from around the country, where would you choose? I am very interested to know your reasons and help inspire us!!

    I quite liked Townsville when we visited Magnetic Island a few years back, prefer the warm/hot climate and lovely outlook while still big enough to be a proper "city" as it's grown a lot. People there were quite friendly too, and it's not nearly as crowded nor does it have such a "rushed" feel as the bigger Aussie cities.

    I live in Melbourne and love many things about it, but there are also times where I seriously consider relocating too :o

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    @Tim66 said:

    Where is the best snow resort in Australia? Anyone been to New Zealand snow and Australian. Whats better?

    As a ski junkie I've been to both multiple times and prefer NZ even though the size of the major resorts aren't as big as over here, plus NZ has better and more consistent snowfall etc. so you have a wider variance of times you can visit.

    NZ also tends to be cheaper as well (ofc exchange rates make this vary plus you will have to pay for a flight over anyway), so if you're planning a holiday there and want to mix in some other sightseeing stuff it might be worth it. NZ snow is more powdery, and even though there isn't on-snow accom like most of the Aussie spots e.g the ride isn't that far usually as you just take a bus.

    Try Wanaka as it's a personal favourite especially if you're just a ski fan and not wanting the other touristy stuff from Queenstown. We really get ripped off on both ski lift prices and accom here in Oz!

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    We went to Bruny Island in Tasmania back in 2013 and it was the best trip we have ever had to this point. The local people there are INCREDIBLY nice, and were very welcoming to visitors and always willing to lend us a hand... we had gone over without realising car hire was necessary to get around (it's a small island but still helps to drive!) and a lovely woman named Cheryl we met heard our plight and drove us around to a bunch of the island's beautiful little secret spots!

    My wife and I will never forget her hospitality.

    Also the food there was amazing, freshest seafood I have ever had, we also did a cruise with the Bruny cruise company (cant remember name sorry!) and seeing the seals and dolphins up close was unforgettable even though it was quite rough on the sea.

    Great place and would love to go back again in the future!

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    Dave here also from melb, hi @Devilangel (and everyone else) :o:

    Also a fan of travel obviously, my wife and I take every opportunity to explore when we can however there's enough to do just in Melbourne to keep us occupied. Big footy fan - AFL as in real FOOT-BALL (go Blues) and family also takes up most of my time.

    We recently got back from NZ doing the Queenstown - Rotorua - Wellington route with a side detour to Fiordland to do the sounds... best part of NZ by FAR and we were lucky with the weather too.

    No trips planned yet coming up but always on the lookout for a good deal, ha ha. Probably do reef next, maybe head up to Cairns in October


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    hi, we are trying to choose a cruise to do on Sydney harbour (want to treat the wife) but there are a bunch of different ones to choose from and they all sound basically the same with a few minor differences (and different prices?)

    from the list you have here - http://www.experienceoz.com.au/sydney/harbour-cruises/ is there honestly any big difference between the cheaper ones? Would like to do either dinner or lunch (dinner show one also a possibility) but for example you have a buffet lunch here - http://www.experienceoz.com.au/sydney/harbour-cruises/sydney-harbour-dining-cruises and this one - http://www.experienceoz.com.au/sydney/harbour-cruises/deluxe-sydney-harbour-lunch-cruise/sightseeing-and-lunch-cruise

    the price is only a small difference, so it doesn't really matter to me. Does anyone have experience with the cruise companies of these (looks like magistic and capt. cook)? Is it just the vessel size that makes the difference etc.?


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    @nictate said:

    Hi. It's not hard to get there if driving yourself.
    if you haven't been before, I would personally stay over night, and visit Kryal Castle while you are there. It's a mediaeval theme. If that interests you

    thank you @nictate , we will definitely keep that in mind. how long do you think we would need to spend at Kryal Castle, from their website it looks like there are shows? do we just go for a show or is it like a full "attraction" type deal?

    cheers :)

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    Hello people, I have a few questions regarding our potential trip to Sovereign Hill from Melbourne:

    • how hard is it to get there if driving ourself?
    • how good is it for kids here? (we have 2 boys, 7 and 10 years)
    • is it worth staying overnight in Ballarat and seeing some stuff?
    • any other good attractions in the area or should we just go for 1 day?

    thanks to anyone who has advice!

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