• CaptainDreamboat

    We went to Bruny Island in Tasmania back in 2013 and it was the best trip we have ever had to this point. The local people there are INCREDIBLY nice, and were very welcoming to visitors and always willing to lend us a hand... we had gone over without realising car hire was necessary to get around (it's a small island but still helps to drive!) and a lovely woman named Cheryl we met heard our plight and drove us around to a bunch of the island's beautiful little secret spots!

    My wife and I will never forget her hospitality.

    Also the food there was amazing, freshest seafood I have ever had, we also did a cruise with the Bruny cruise company (cant remember name sorry!) and seeing the seals and dolphins up close was unforgettable even though it was quite rough on the sea.

    Great place and would love to go back again in the future!

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