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As long as I remember I have wanted to visit Sydney so when I have finally saved enough, I have decided to chase my wanderlust and start my own adventure. Naturally, I have made a plan for the whole trip and all I needed was a companion to share my experience with. Good thing that my best friend shares my dream of traveling and discovering new places so the two of us were ready to write a new chapter in life and start exploring the hidden beauty of this wonderful city.
There was something so special about Sydney that overwhelms me and gives me goosebumps whenever I think about going back. That is why I have decided to write our story down and make sure that many people hear about our extraordinary experience.
Here's what you should do first, (obviously after hotel check-in and other stuff) you should head straight to Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden. Behind the whole charming look of the place lies a wonderful love story about a widower who instead of giving up to sorrow, decided to create a magical, lush garden that has been attracting many tourists ever since. Even though when she started she didn't know much about horticulture or landscaping, she trusted her instinct and put all her love and grief into creating this beautiful piece of heaven. Okay, I admit I might be a bit of a romantic but it is a good thing, right? I believe we have spent five hours wandering through wavy paths among bushy greenery and explored every corner of the garden. It was just amazing. But make sure to bring your own food since our rookie mistake was that picnic food is not for two guys and imagine our surprise when we found out that there were no cafés or restaurants on site.
We wanted to explore hidden gems of Sydney – which is why I am not writing about the well-known sights. That doesn't mean that we didn't visit them, it just means that we agreed on giving more attention to the secret spots. Since the weather was great for swimming and cooling in the ocean I wanted to google some traveling tips about secret beaches and hidden spots but my buddy said that it would be better to ask locals. And I have to say it officially now – he was right. Wow, I am going to regret writing this! Joking aside we found out about Resolute beach which is one of most secluded beaches in Sydney. There were just a few people (which is awesome) on this sandy beach, tucked in small reaches of rocks on either side with calm waters around and it was like we had our own secret beach! And the breathtaking view over Pittwater and the Barrenjoey Headland was perfect for photographing (trust me, I am a photographer)!
After spending the whole day taking photos and relaxing on the beach, we were ready to hit the clubs! Just kidding, we were really exhausted so we called it a night to save energy for our next adventure. So there I was, lying in my bed, thinking about the feelings that this city wakes in me, when out of nowhere my buddy started talking:
"You know what… I see myself living here, you know. Why don't we just stay here?"
I was confused at first but then - the more I was thinking about it the more it made sense. It was like an epiphany, and from that moment I have been looking for a way to move to Sydney. I even consulted with polite lawyers in Sydney (that were extremely helpful by the way!) to find out what are the best options for me. To cut the story short, I am on a successful path to achieve my goal and hopefully, soon I will make my dream come true. This was a bit off topic but it was a crucial moment in my self-development / finding purpose process that made the journey even more memorable!
Definitely, the best day was when we visited Featherdale Wildlife Park. If you are, like I myself am, an animal lover then make sure to visit Featherdale because you can even pet all the cute kangaroos and koalas (they are sooo fluffy!) and even feed them and photograph them up close. I have way too many snaps of those little lovely furballs but it was just cuteness overload and I couldn't help myself! The park was opened in 1972 by Bruce and Margaret Kubbere (I bet there's a great story behind it) and it is a home to over 1,700 Australian native animals. So, don't even think about it just plan your visit, and go play with those furry cuties.
Well, our story must end now (even though I can go on and on for hours) and I hope that I have successfully transferred some of my emotions to you. If you are thinking about traveling to Australia, don't hesitate, just pack your bags and start your adventure in Sydney. You will most definitely have a blast!