Here, we answer some of your most frequently asked travel questions about visiting the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales.

Q1: When is the best time of year to visit the Snowy Mountains?

A1: The answer to this question in a region like the Snowy Mountains depends entirely of what you're looking to do while here; the area offers a totally different array of activities in the summer as opposed to the winter months, where it changes from an active, bush-focused environment for activities off the beaten track, to one of the country's top areas for winters sports. As a result, both summer and winter each have their own positives for visiting the Snowy Mountains.

Q2: What are the absolute must-do attractions/experiences in the Snowy Mountains region?

A2: The Snowy Mountains is a region that's all about nature and the great outdoors; if you're looking for touristy man-made attractions then this part of Australia is probably not for you. In the summer months, activities such as horseback riding (an emblem of the region), river sledding, fly fishing and wilderness hiking and 4WDing are all possibilities. Winter, meanwhile, turns the Snowy Mountains into a haven for skiing, snowboarding and other wintersport experiences. For a full list, see our article on the Top 10 Things to do in Snowy Mountains and Surrounds or check out our Snowy Mountains region section to browse and book online.

Q3: How long do I need to visit the Snowy Mountains?

A3: The Snowy Mountains is generally a region where you won't want to rush; it's all about nature and "stopping to smell the roses", and given the large distances between highlights and orientation towards camping and lodge-style accommodation, it's worth visiting when you've at least got a long weekend of 3 days minimum.

Q4: What is there to do in the Snowy Mountains with kids?

A4: How much your kids get out of a trip to the Snowy Mountains will depend largely on how outdoor-oriented they are; it's a region all about nature and keeping active. There are beginner and child-friendly ski runs at the resorts; river sledding is popular amongst kids for some watery fun in the summer; horse riding is always an enjoyable family activity; and low-level introductory whitewater rafting is great for groups. Check out our Snowy Mountains Kids Guide for a detailed summary.

Q5: What's the weather like in the Snowy Mountains?

A5: Unlike many other Aussie travel destinations that experience a very slight change from season to season, the Snowy Mountains bring out the contrast from one season to the next in full force. Summer can be pleasantly warm, while winters see a significant amount of snowfall and sub-zero temperatures are the norm. It's also an area that boasts some of the cleanest air in Australia; weather here is also unpredictable so hikers must be prepared for all eventualities. Check out our Snowy Mountains Weather and Climate Guide for a season by season breakdown.

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