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Tasmania with teens

Hi Spaniel,

Welcome to the Experience Oz + NZ Travel Community!

That sounds great! I'm sure you'll love Tasmania. If you're planning to base yourself somewhere on the Island and do day trips from there, I would recommend Hobart and Launceston as two of the better travel hubs. - This might help for Hobart - This should come in handy for Launceston.

You'll be able to see most of Tasmania within 1-2 weeks, possibly 10-14 days would be ideal if you're looking to take it slow.

As far as things to do other than wineries, hiking trips or water sports, I would suggest checking out Port Arthur (, Cradle Coast (, and the Bonorong Wildlife Park is also really good (

There are also some great museums, such as the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) or you could check out some of the foodie experiences at Bruny Island, which have tours leaving from Hobart;

These are two tours at Bruny Island which include a lot of food and scenery (


We hope you, your daughter and your mum have a wonderful time in Tasmania and if you book into some experiences we’d love to see some photos. Also, if you have any questions about some of our products don’t hesitate to online chat or call our reservations department.

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Want to talk about a non region-specific travel topic about Australia or New Zealand, or off-topic discussion? Post it here.
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Planning a trip to South Australia's capital and "city of churches", Adelaide? Discuss it here.
Kangaroo Island: doable in one day?

@WA_Traveller I would say yes; I was on the island two days but we were on a travel training so we wererather immersed in various things. It is an awesome place. I wold just say start early and get a good full day in.

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Perhaps Australia's most famous natural icon, if you're planning a trip to Uluru / Ayers Rock, this is the spot for you.
Difference in seasons in NT??

@Paul10 said:

Hi guys,

What's the difference between the seasons in NT? For example, temperatures, storms etc.

What would you suggest is the best time to visit to get the most out of this region?

Hi @Paul10 and welcome to the Community!

As with many other Aussie states the Northern Territory is quite big, so there's a lot of variation in "weather" although it's generally divided into the wet and dry seasons... these can be divided up into smaller sub-seasons for those who want to get pedantic as well.

Are you wanting to visit Darwin? Kakadu/Litchfield? The Red Centre (Uluru etc.)?

Generally for Darwin we recommend winter (July) due to it still being comfortably warm and far less humid; it's a good winter getaway spot if you're travelling up from south. For Uluru/Ayers Rock we typically recommend the end of August/start of September period as best; we go into this subject in detail in our "Best Time to Visit Uluru" guide for justifications as to why

Hope this helps, and enjoy exploring the far north of Oz! :).

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QLD's capital boasts great weather, an iconic bridge, and great riverfront dining and entertainment. Talk about it here.
What are the best things to do from Brisbane on a Student Budget?

@Kieren-P Hi Keiren,

I'm glad you found it helpful!

Byron Bay is approximately a 2-hour drive south of Brisbane but can take longer depending on traffic.
The beaches in Byron are beautiful and it's well worth the visit. There is a range of things to see and do in the area, to see our top 10 picks you can check out this article:

Or you can browse all of the tours and activities we sell on our product page here:

If you're in the area it's always nice to put on your walking shoes and follow the Cape Byron Walking Track, it's a beautiful trail!

I hope you have a great time in Byron!!

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Rugged, remote and beautiful, the Kimberley region of WA is famous for untouched landscapes. Discuss it here.
Broome and Kimberley Region voted as Australia's favourite for 2015!

I am sticking this thread to the top - a big congrats to the Kimberley region on a well-earned victory in our annual Australia's Top 10 Destinations to Experience poll for 2015! :D

We received over 5,000 votes this year, the most we've ever had, and all the top 10 final spots were more than worthy "bucket list" items for those travelling in Australia.

For those who didn't see, here's the list of the Top 10 Australian Destinations to Experience 2015:

They are -

Kimberley Region, WA Whitsundays, QLD Cairns, QLD Rottnest Island, WA Uluru / Ayers Rock, NT Port Douglas, QLD Gold Coast, QLD Ningaloo Reef, WA Margaret River, WA Kangaroo Island, SA

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Northern NSW's popular "hippie town" boasts a laid back atmosphere and a wonderful stretch of coast. Discuss it here.
Tropical North QLD's adventure playground is Australia's most popular gateway to the reef. Discuss Cairns here.
Green Island or Fitzroy Island?

@travelling2some said:


i know this is probably a popular question but wanting to choose a half day trip to either Green Island or Fitzroy Island and wanting to know CURRENT thoughts on this as most of the google information is years old. We will be in Cairns for 4 days but want to fit lots of other stuff in, just looking for the best balance between nice island, price and lowest tourist volume if possible (yes i know we will be tourists too :o )

it's possible to do both in half a day right? although i know fitzroy is further out.

Also any companies in particular to recommend for this?

thankyou guys

Hi @travelling2some,

We actually went into this topic in great detail within our "Which Reef or Island is Best for Me?" section of our Ultimate Great Barrier Reef Guide; you can read the individual sections on each island and make up your own mind.

Not meaning to be cliche or overly diplomatic, but each of the islands really does have its pros and cons and it depends what you are wanting from a trip.

Generally speaking, Green Island is the go-to choice if you don't want to spend too much time, so if you are just wanting a half day sampling of snorkelling with some convenient facilities then there is nothing wrong with Green Island. When were you planning on travelling? This will play a big role in determining how busy it is there obviously...

Hope this helps! :)

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More than just politicians, Australia's capital is a modern and clean cultural hotspot. Discuss Canberra here.
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The Cradle Coast region of Tasmania is a beautiful mix of alpine and coast. Discuss it here.
Cradle Coast tour

@MakiStarr said in Cradle Coast tour:


My name is Motoko in Sydney. My friend from Japan and me will arrive in Hobart on 13 May. To whom it may concern - We want to visit Cradle mountain on 14 May.

I am thinking now in Launceston or Devonport. Is it possible for us to organize a day tour? I have no booking of the hotel yet. Can the tour pick us up both? We have to return to Hobart on 14 evening or 15 morning.

Please advice to me.

Best regards Motoko

Hi @MakiStarr, thanks for getting in touch!

Of course we can help you arrange your tour for Cradle Mountain, but did you know we also offer Japanese language support? If you prefer, you can ask on the Japanese forum here:


or email us on :)

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Australia's "Outback Capital" is the perfect gateway to the wonders of Kakadu and much more. Discuss Darwin travel here.
must see places

Hi @Ash007,

Darwin is definitely worth it!!!! Have you checked out our travel guide on Darwin? This will definitely help answer a few of your questions. Covering the best places to see, the best time to visit and much, much more, this guide will be your best friend!! You can find it here:

Darwin is such a diverse place. Located alongside both hinterland and coastline, you'll be spoilt for choice! Our suggestions for the must see places are to definitely check out the beautiful nature Darwin is celebrated for. There are a number of national parks that are waiting to be explored, and beaches also. There are also a great number of zoo's, walking tracks and markets to keep you entertained! If you're after tours, we offer some great ones that can be viewed here:

In terms of how long you need to visit Darwin, I would suggest no more than a week. Obviously it will depend on how much you want to do and see, and also if you want a slow or fast paced holiday, but 7 days will be more than enough to take in Darwin - and fall in love with it!

Hope this helps, if you require any more assistance then just ask! :)

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The country's most popular holiday destination, the Gold Coast is home to beaches, theme parks and much more.
Whale watching capital and gateway to magnificent Fraser Island, Hervey Bay is relaxed and sunny. Discuss it here.
Best place to watch the whales?

I’ve been wanting to watch the whales for some time. Where’s the best place to do it? I’m kind of on a budget. I can’t spend too much. But, I also want to have a time I’ll never forget. I guess I’m asking what’s the best value for watching the whales? All I care about is seeing them. I don’t care if it’s the best of the best.

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Tasmania's charming capital city boasts a picturesque harbour, magnificent mountain and great food. Discuss Hobart here.
Is MONA worth it?

You definitely don't have to go "over the water" (except across Bass Strait if you're on the mainland. Once you're in Hobart, Mona is a 15/20 minute drive or a great 1/2 hour ferry ride up the River Derwent (during which you can sit on a sheep and drink coffee or champagne).
It's pretty amazing when you get there. Stats say visitors spend more hours at Mona than they do at the Louvre.

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The gateway to the Cradle Mountain National Park, Tamara River and more, Launcston has a charming, old-world feel.
Launceston vs Hobart

@Amy23 said:

Thinking of heading to Tasmania for a holiday, am I better off basing myself around Launceston or Hobart?

What's there to do in both of these areas?

Hi @Amy23 and welcome to the Community!

Obviously it depends what you are interested in and what kind of experiences you are looking to take part in. Can you give us some indication of your age group/interests/how long you're looking to stay for?

As a starting point, check out of Top 10 Things to do in... articles for some inspiration and see if anything in particular tickles your fancy:

Hobart -

Launceston -

Also if you can let us know where you live/would be departing from would be helpful as well, thanks! :)

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An exceedingly popular day trip for Perth travellers, Margaret River offers wineries, surfing, whale watching and more.
How many days in Margaret River is enough?

@MaddMaxx said:

@ExOz-Admin said:

@MaddMaxx said:

Hello, we are planning to visit Margaret River for the first time (live in Perth) and would like to ask for recommendations on how long to spend there. We will be in 2 weeks annual leave at the time and so time limit is not a problem although we do not want to spend too much money.

How many days should we allow for this journey, what good stops are there along the way (other than Busselton where we plan to stop), and should we stay just one night or more? We are interested in mainly more leisurely activities such as wineries and would like to visit the caves.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @MaddMaxx and welcome to the community!

Margaret River is a tricky one when recommending itineraries as it's far more a true "region" than it is just a city like many other locations (unless you're specifically referring to just the town itself). Assuming you'll have/be hiring a car, there's a ton to explore in the nearby areas so it depends on what you're interested in - "wineries" is fairly general as the region is home to around 150 individual producers! We can recommend Cape Naturaliste Vineyard and Leeuwin Estate as general "all purpose" larger cellar doors, but your miles may vary if you are the type who finds the charm of little boutique ones more appealing.

Cave-wise, Lake Cave tends to be the most popular due to its pretty formations; it's around 20 minutes south of Margaret River (town) on the aptly-named Caves Road so handy if you're planning to stay overnight in the town. Also if you're going to Busselton then it's not too far onwards to Dunsborough and then to Yallingup for the caves there.

Anyway, throwing out a conservative estimate you'll probably want at least 3 days to get a decent overview of the region; the area is pretty magical though and if you want to take time and explore the coast, do more wineries, some boutique shopping etc. etc. then you could spend almost a week without getting bored!

For some more inspiration, you can visit our Margaret River region section or view our guide on the Top 10 Things to do in Margaret River here:

Wonderful, thank you! :)

Last question, do you think it is worth doing the walk from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin as i've heard it's quite beautiful? or should we just drive our way? maybe just do part of the track?


Hi @MaddMaxx ,

Well the walk is obviously going to be a lot more time-intensive, however the "Cape to Cape" track is unlike most other Great Walks in Australia in that it runs fairly close to a road and plenty of townships along the way, so you don't have to commit to the whole journey unlike some of the other more involved treks.

This means you can only walk for a single day to see some great views and then plan to leave the track with one overnight camping stay or maybe book accommodation in a hotel nearby.

As for "is it worth it" we'd definitely answer with a resounding "yes" - the WA Cape to Cape track made our list of "Australia's 10 Most Epic Walks" clocking in at #5 in which we described it as

@ExperienceOz: "The Cape to Cape track offers an incredible showcase of Australia's southwest, which stands as a criminally underrated holiday destination and a wholesome sampler of Oz's pristine coastline that remains unadulterated by commercialisation."

which is a fairly resounding endorsement :) In short, if you're a fan of walking then there's no reason not to commit to at least part of the track, so go for it!

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Culture capital, sports-centric, artistic and urbane, Melbourne and its surrounds offer everything one could want.
My Family's Trip to South Yarra

So I thought I would share with you the story of one of many little road trips we took as a family - those restless spirits are still raging strong.

The kids are like that too you know, I’m only worried what’ll happen when they come of age, I have a feeling there will be no stopping them. Anyway, I have to say that revisiting your hometown is truly a unique rollercoaster of emotions, and at first, I had no idea it would affect me that much.
That’s why out of all the trips we took so far, I want to tell you the story about how we returned to Melbourne for a short, weekend excursion. It was a spur of the moment decision really, one we can attribute to Mike. The entire decision-making process was quite intricate:
Mike: “Damn. You know what I could go for right now?”
Me: "Oh God. What?”
Mike: “Those insane frozen yoghurts we used to get over at Chapel Street, remember?”
Me: “Say no more.”

Long story short, we unglued the kids from their smartphones, ordered our plane tickets online, rented an Airbnb (mind you all of this is happening on a Tuesday afternoon) and scheduled our insane excursion for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Plenty of time to revisit Melbourne, and more importantly, the neighbourhood we used to call our home, South Yarra.
Now, South Yarra as a whole is very near and dear to our hearts, as it is the place where we used to live and spend countless hours roaming about, exploring, and making happiness appear out of thin air. I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by a surge of emotions when we landed at Melbourne airport, realising that although this is no longer our home, a part of me will forever remain in those streets and sunny afternoons spent enjoying life.
So, South Yarra. First of all, it’s a beautiful neighbourhood, or inner suburb as they would call it. You’ve got the Yarra river to the north, the breathtaking Fawkner Park to the west, and more importantly, a vivid and vibrant community residing among numerous artisan bakeries and coffee shops, pubs and, being a very old neighbourhood, beautiful historic architecture dating back to the 19th century.

Immediately after we’ve dropped off our things at Ellis St we plotted our course towards our favourite shopping centre in South Yarra and drowned our collective faces in the art pieces that are their local fruity, chocolatey yoghurts. After we’ve had our fill, quite literally, we decided to reminisce about the old days by taking a stroll to the Yarra river itself and lying about on the beach (it’s more like an adjacent patch of land next to the water), soaking in the unique feeling Melbourne gives you.
The next two days we spent not only exploring the district but the surrounding neighbourhoods as well. We went to Fawkner Park, and you should too, on Saturday for a whole-afternoon picnic where we ate and naturally acted out all sorts of shenanigans. I say shenanigans because Mike and I thought catching a ball would be the height of our physical exertion, but naturally, the kids had other plans.
Mike and I actually had some time for ourselves, believe it or not, as we had left Catherine in a day-care centre up in the shopping mall, and Viki and Sara were old enough to go on about on their own. So Mike and I went to our old street, sat in our old café where we used to read, laugh and talk for hours on end. It was magical. Just as I pictured it would be. We’re a bit older, a bit calmer I suppose, but our love seems to be as young and juvenile as it ever was.
If nothing else, this trip has shown us just how much we still love each other, and our little devils too. Until next time, Melbourne, you will not be missed, because you have a special place in our hearts.

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Famed for its whale sharks, WA's Coral Coast is a lovely, less-commercialised alternative to the Great Barrier Reef.
How many days and surrounding locations??


How many days would be necessary to see Ningaloo Reef and the Coral Coast?

Also, what other attractions or places are good around the area?


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Western Australia's capital sits in an ideal spot between river, vineyard and coast, with plenty of amazing day trips nearby.
best day trip from Perth if you can only choose one?

We will be in Perth only for 4 days (end of April) and thus only likely to have time for one day tour somewhere so obviously want to make the most of it.

We have heard good things about several places and find it difficult to make up our mind. Currently torn between Rottnest Island, Pinnacles, Wave Rock or Margaret River.

our friends who went to Margaret River last year said they love the place but given the distance it looks like a very full on day and to be pretty tiring.

Rottnest looks lovely but we are from QLD and so beaches etc. are not so "special" for us if that makes sense. Between the Pinnacles and Wave Rock, which is better? Not too big a price difference here so doesn't bother us, but worried that there is not much to see on the way to Wave rock?

Any help would be great thanks

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This historic collection of colonial ruins harks back to the days of early European settlement. Discuss Port Arthur here.
Port Arthur Frequently Asked Travel Questions (FAQs)

Here, we answer some of your most frequently asked travel questions about visiting Port Arthur, Tasmania.

Q1: When is the best time of year to visit Port Arthur?

A1: As with much of the rest of Tasmania, Port Arthur can be drizzly and cold in the winter months, which in a way adds to the mystique of the ruins, but overall makes conditions unpleasant. Thus, around 3/4 of the year are fine for visiting Port Arthur, with summer (December - February) being the pick of the bunch if you're looking to explore without having to wear heavy clothes.

Q2: What are the absolute must-do attractions/experiences in the Port Arthur region?

A2: The ruins themselves are the obvious attraction that draws people here - it's a World Heritage location for a reason, and there are plenty of well-preserved examples of colonial architecture to explore and learn about. Other experiences - at additional cost - can round out a trip here further; scenic flights provide a wonderful overview of the region, while the waterways that surround the former penal colony and their history-draped islands can also be explored via cruises. Ghost tours are also popular here, as they add an extra layer of eerie context of the sometimes-gruesome backgrounds of Port Arthur's former inhabitants. For a full list, check out our Port Arthur region section to browse and book online.

Q3: How long do I need to visit Port Arthur?

A3: Port Arthur's relatively close distance from Tasmania's capital Hobart, along with its inherent historical value, make it one of the most popular day trip destinations from the city. The ruins are only a 1.5 hour drive away, and given the centralised location of most of the buildings that comprise the site, a single day is all that's needed to take in Port Arthur.

Q5: What is there to do in Port Arthur with kids?

A5: As it's a site that's mostly focused on Australia's history and colonial architecture, Port Arthur is generally a destination kids aren't likely to enjoy unless they have a particular appreciation for, or interest in, history. The site does offer "activity books" that aim to give children an incentive to explore and discover, however.

Q6: What's the weather like in Port Arthur?

A6: Port Arthur's climate is generally classed as "Mediterranean", meaning it's comparable with the likes of southern France and Italy - cool, fairly dry with comfortable summers and cold winters that make it ideal for wine growing. Check out our Adelaide Weather and Climate Guide for a season by season breakdown.

Have a question that's not covered here? Sign up to the community and ask it yourself!

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This exclusive resort-town in Tropical North QLD provides access to some lovely parts of the Great Barrier Reef.
PD whitewater rafting trip


simple question: if we stay in Port Douglas and want to take a whitewater rafting trip, which river should we choose, Barron or Russell? We are from Canada and have been rafting several times, looking for something a little more challenging so don't mind travelling further in a day if the experience is worth it

High grade trip is fine as long as it isn't crazy!

Do you only offer day tours for the Barron river from Port Douglas as all I could find was this one


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The lovely central New South Wales coast is an underrated travel destination. Discuss it here.
Your favorite things to do at Port Stephens?

@HumphryBear said:

I’ve never been to this part of the NSW central coast before; thinking of making the trip up from Sydney over a long weekend. I’d love some feedback as to what to do there. What do you feel are some things every tourist should experience while there? If we go in August will it be crowded - i think this avoids holiday peak time correct?


We visited there mid last year (May I believe?) for the first time, really really loved it. Lovely place that has a "slower" lifestyle than many other more touristy travel spots in Australia. Port Stephens' people also were notably nicer than those we encountered further north - we are from Tassie and they reminded us more of locals back home.

We stayed at Fingal Bay (wonderful area and beach), and in terms of things we did we spent time at the sand dunes of course (interesting and fun to embrace your inner kid haha) and we took the kids to Oakvale Farm where they could get up close with the animals. The website is if you are interested, it is very hands-on so if your kids like animals its very much an essential visit. :)

August might be a bit chilly at night but still nice during the day - maybe a local could answer better?

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Australia's legendary high country region is home to amazing adventure both in and out of snow season.
australia or new zealand snow resorts

@Tim66 said:

Where is the best snow resort in Australia? Anyone been to New Zealand snow and Australian. Whats better?

As a ski junkie I've been to both multiple times and prefer NZ even though the size of the major resorts aren't as big as over here, plus NZ has better and more consistent snowfall etc. so you have a wider variance of times you can visit.

NZ also tends to be cheaper as well (ofc exchange rates make this vary plus you will have to pay for a flight over anyway), so if you're planning a holiday there and want to mix in some other sightseeing stuff it might be worth it. NZ snow is more powdery, and even though there isn't on-snow accom like most of the Aussie spots e.g the ride isn't that far usually as you just take a bus.

Try Wanaka as it's a personal favourite especially if you're just a ski fan and not wanting the other touristy stuff from Queenstown. We really get ripped off on both ski lift prices and accom here in Oz!

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Laid back, sunny, with wonderful beaches and some great attractions - discuss the Sunshine Coast here.
Big Kart Track

@KateBu said:

Hi guys

We are looking to visit Big Kart Track on the Sunshine coast. Is it necessary to book during the day time or is it possible to walk in and book 30 mins without booking?


Hi @KateBu ,

While you can try simply turning up to Big Kart Track it is a pretty popular attraction... I would recommend purchasing the tickets before you go in case you are unable to get in on the day you like. Are you planning to go on the weekend or during the week? This will likely make a big difference.

If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks :)

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Australia's biggest and most famous city has something for everyone, with its iconic harbour a major calling card.
How Two Millennials Spent Their Holidays in Sydney

As long as I remember I have wanted to visit Sydney so when I have finally saved enough, I have decided to chase my wanderlust and start my own adventure. Naturally, I have made a plan for the whole trip and all I needed was a companion to share my experience with. Good thing that my best friend shares my dream of traveling and discovering new places so the two of us were ready to write a new chapter in life and start exploring the hidden beauty of this wonderful city.
There was something so special about Sydney that overwhelms me and gives me goosebumps whenever I think about going back. That is why I have decided to write our story down and make sure that many people hear about our extraordinary experience.
Here's what you should do first, (obviously after hotel check-in and other stuff) you should head straight to Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden. Behind the whole charming look of the place lies a wonderful love story about a widower who instead of giving up to sorrow, decided to create a magical, lush garden that has been attracting many tourists ever since. Even though when she started she didn't know much about horticulture or landscaping, she trusted her instinct and put all her love and grief into creating this beautiful piece of heaven. Okay, I admit I might be a bit of a romantic but it is a good thing, right? I believe we have spent five hours wandering through wavy paths among bushy greenery and explored every corner of the garden. It was just amazing. But make sure to bring your own food since our rookie mistake was that picnic food is not for two guys and imagine our surprise when we found out that there were no cafés or restaurants on site.
We wanted to explore hidden gems of Sydney – which is why I am not writing about the well-known sights. That doesn't mean that we didn't visit them, it just means that we agreed on giving more attention to the secret spots. Since the weather was great for swimming and cooling in the ocean I wanted to google some traveling tips about secret beaches and hidden spots but my buddy said that it would be better to ask locals. And I have to say it officially now – he was right. Wow, I am going to regret writing this! Joking aside we found out about Resolute beach which is one of most secluded beaches in Sydney. There were just a few people (which is awesome) on this sandy beach, tucked in small reaches of rocks on either side with calm waters around and it was like we had our own secret beach! And the breathtaking view over Pittwater and the Barrenjoey Headland was perfect for photographing (trust me, I am a photographer)!
After spending the whole day taking photos and relaxing on the beach, we were ready to hit the clubs! Just kidding, we were really exhausted so we called it a night to save energy for our next adventure. So there I was, lying in my bed, thinking about the feelings that this city wakes in me, when out of nowhere my buddy started talking:
"You know what… I see myself living here, you know. Why don't we just stay here?"
I was confused at first but then - the more I was thinking about it the more it made sense. It was like an epiphany, and from that moment I have been looking for a way to move to Sydney. I even consulted with polite lawyers in Sydney (that were extremely helpful by the way!) to find out what are the best options for me. To cut the story short, I am on a successful path to achieve my goal and hopefully, soon I will make my dream come true. This was a bit off topic but it was a crucial moment in my self-development / finding purpose process that made the journey even more memorable!
Definitely, the best day was when we visited Featherdale Wildlife Park. If you are, like I myself am, an animal lover then make sure to visit Featherdale because you can even pet all the cute kangaroos and koalas (they are sooo fluffy!) and even feed them and photograph them up close. I have way too many snaps of those little lovely furballs but it was just cuteness overload and I couldn't help myself! The park was opened in 1972 by Bruce and Margaret Kubbere (I bet there's a great story behind it) and it is a home to over 1,700 Australian native animals. So, don't even think about it just plan your visit, and go play with those furry cuties.
Well, our story must end now (even though I can go on and on for hours) and I hope that I have successfully transferred some of my emotions to you. If you are thinking about traveling to Australia, don't hesitate, just pack your bags and start your adventure in Sydney. You will most definitely have a blast!

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This north QLD destination is a great alternative for reef exploration, and nearby Magnetic Island is beautiful.
Magnetic Island cheaper than Whitsundays?

I just wanted to say thank you ExOz for posting that link. I’ve never been there before. But, I really want to go after reading this.

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Australia's island getaway paradise, the Whitsundays boasts some of the most pristine and exclusive islands in the country.
How many days are enough?

You only really need about 3 days in the Whitsundays in my opinion

Stay in airlie do a day trip out to white Haven beach, do the reef if you want (although Cairns and port D are better), avoid staying on hamilton or daydream if you want to save $$ on food etc.

can overnight on hammo if you want to splash out, do some shopping and snorkel off the beach, oh and see the live music!

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New Zealand's largest city is one of the world's most liveable, with a wonderful harbour and plenty of surrounding islands.
Top Things to do in Auckland?


I would like to tell you about best things to do in Auckland-

1-Waiheke Island: Located around 17 kilometres from Auckland, the Waiheke Island is the second largest island in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand.
2-Sky Tower: Sky Tower is one of Auckland’s most exhilarating tourist attractions. At 328 metres, the Sky Tower offers breathtaking views of the city.
3-Devonport: The 3rd ‘most visited destination’ in Auckland Region, Devonport is a beautiful sea side village with marvellous heritage buildings, spectacular scenery and stunning beaches.
4-Auckland Zoo: Spread across 17 hectares (42 acres), Auckland Zoo is home to the largest collection of native and exotic animals in New Zealand. 138 different species and over 875 animals call the zoo their home.
5-Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium: Spread across 17 hectares (42 acres), Auckland Zoo is home to the largest collection of native and exotic animals in New Zealand. 138 different species and over 875 animals call the zoo their home.

may be this will help you..


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Adventure capital and hotspot for fun, Queenstown offers numerous adrenaline activities on both land, sea and air.
Day trips out of Queenstown

I am travelling to Queenstown early next year with my husband! We have a few spare days in our itinerary that we would love to fill in with some day trips travelling just outside of Queenstown. We have hired a car so travelling is not a problem. Are there any popular things to see and do just outside of Queenstown that we can do in one day?

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Providing a mixture of geothermal activity and native Maori culture, Rotorua is an excellent example of everything New Zealand.
Recommended itinerary for Rotorua?

Im am travelling from Australia to New Zealand next year and planning on going to Rotorua with my family! Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do during the day in that particular region?

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Q1 - 悉尼,墨尔本一日游产品酒店接送范围?
一般含酒店接送的产品都包含市区酒店接送,主 要指CBD区域,简单来说悉尼邮编为2000,墨尔本邮编为3000的区域,如果不在此区域请在预定前致电询问。

Q2 - 大洋路跳伞不含接送,如何自己搭乘公共交通去到跳伞地点?
参加大洋路跳伞需自己驾车,如果 没有开车的朋友请不要预订9点半以前的班次。从墨尔本市区的Southern Cross Railway Station搭火车至Geelong,再转乘80号公车至Barwon Heads Airfield,最早一班从Geelong出发的80号bus是早上9:02.

Q3 - 来到澳洲一定要抱考拉拍照,可以那么多产品如何选择?
根据澳大利亚法律,只有 昆士兰州才可以抱着考拉拍照,所以跟考拉拍照一定要选择昆士兰的动物园哦。

Q4 - 到澳大利亚的最佳季节?
澳大利亚属于亚热带海洋性气候, 没有明显的四季,除了6,7,8月为冬季,其他均属于夏季,建议除冬季以外其他的时间都很适合到澳大利亚旅游哦。

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Question of the Week

Must do experiences in Perth (and misc other WA) over 2 weeks

Phoenix77 asks: "Hi

We are visiting Perth for the first time in May and looking to fill up the itinerary with some more things. We have already made plans to rent a car and drive down to Margaret River for 3 days or so, and maybe do a day tour to the Swan valley as we both like wines (wife and i), but other than that are not sure how to invest our time.

We can't travel too far so it has to be in driving distance of Perth ideally although we can obviously stay overnight or a couple of nights if there is plenty to do around some part... basically just want to ensure we see as "amazing" highlights as we can within our time frame

assuming we have 1 week spare to fill up what would people recommend in Western Australia outside perth?

much appreciated

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